Dynamics 365

Should Your Business Move From Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365? (Recorded Webcast)

Watch this webinar to find out how Dynamics 365 is built out of the box, with the functionality to address specific needs of the manufacturing and distributing

Rapidly Growing Dynamics Partner Improves Sales with AssureSign for Microsoft Dynamics 365

PowerObjects has found such success integrating AssureSign to improve that they have become a reseller partner for the software

If Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations is renamed, what should it be called?

Dynamics 365 Enterprise25% (28 votes)Dynamics 365 ERP20% (22 votes)Dynamics 365 AX42% (47 votes)Dynamics 365 AX75% (6 votes)None of these, I'll share a better idea!7% (8 votes)Total votes: 111

Microsoft aiming for Dynamics 365 Financials western Europe launch, but timing unclear

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