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by Jason Gumpert
The company’s co-founders, Christian Stepien, Jeff Holway, and Aaron Zupancic, spoke with MSDW and reflected on lessons learned from honing their technology and solution lineup
by MSDW Reporter
Over a stagnant two-year project, the customer found themselves saddled with high costs and an overly-complex system


Connecting Software
Integrating Dynamics 365 with SharePoint presents numerous advantages, but you must follow the current best practices to avoid creating a security issue
Connecting Software
Learn how to align Dynamics 365 security with SharePoint, avoiding security risks and compliance issues and learning from the use case of the global manufacturer Liebherr
Connecting Software
Learn how integrating Dynamics 365 with existing systems can be a successful migration strategy and what criteria you can use to decide whether to use that or a one-time migration.
Connecting Software
As a leading Dynamics 365 implementation partner, ORBIS often has customers who discover that security roles and permissions are not automatically transferred to SharePoint
Connecting Software
The food service giant Compass Group needed to synchronize privileges between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint. With sensitive data at stake, they needed a seamless solution.
Connecting Software
How did Europe’s largest privately owned manufacturer of refrigerators and freezers solved the complex issue of preventing unauthorized accesses through SharePoint
"We have saved at least 15 hours per week, and that’s me being stingy." - Rossana Vittorelli Credit Control Manager, Love Brands