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Business Need

How to Build KPIs That Actually Drive Revenue

The role KPIs play can be much bigger and more important

BI for Accounting: 8 Ways to Mine Your Wealth of Data

Ideas for accounting BI success

Turning Accounts Payable into a Strategic Partner

Learn why accounts payable automation is top of mind for finance executives

Top 15 IT Challenges for the Life Science Industry - and a Playbook to Solve Them

A guide to ERP system infrastructure to support regulatory compliance, FDA validation and supply chain excellence – for fledgling startups to global enterprises

Exploring Global Trends in Enterprise Content Management

Organizations look for ROI, and transactional content solutions deliver

7 Ways to Avoid ERP Implementation Failure

Your best-practice checklist

5 Steps to Cutting Costs without a Chainsaw

A five-step process that can help you improve your company’s profitability

The Do's and Don'ts of Web Chat: Four Best Practices for Customer Service and Sales

Web chat can significantly increase conversion rates and improve the customer experience and perception of your brand

3 Ways to Improve People Productivity in Distribution

The profound indicator of distributor profitability

6 Questions to Assess if Your Sales Activities are a Compliance Risk

Take this self-assessment survey to determine your transactional tax footprint and risk of non-compliance
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