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Business Need

How a Small Boost in Your "Perfect Order" Performance Powers Profits

How each aspect of perfect order performance can be improved through enhancements to data collection processes and technologies

Cash is King: Minimizing Audit Risk to Protect Cash Flow

The new burden of transaction tax compliance, and how to preserve cash before, during, and after a tax audit.

New Data on BI and Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics GP: Spring 2016

Findings based on new research of the Dynamics GP community, shared by MSDW in June 2016

The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation

Tactics to help your company be heard through all the noise

Sunny Days Ahead for ISVs who Embrace the Cloud

How to make the cloud work for you

CRM, Data Quality and the Single Customer View

Everything hinges on the data, and the data steers the business as it grows

How to Create a No-Questions-Asked Expense Policy for All

T&E represents 8–12% of the average company’s total operating expenses

How Manageable Steps Can Tackle a Complex AP Automation Project

Hard-learned lessons while implementing automated AP processes

CRM and Social Networking: Engaging the Social Customer

Gain measurable business value from social networking by leveraging it in conjunction with CRM

10 EDI Best Practices: Integrating Your Supply Chain with Dynamics

Be on your way to experiencing integration success.
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