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Dynamics 365 news & resources

by Hugh Cumming

In the world of FP&A, the promise of ML and AI is accelerating change for professionals 

by Jason Gumpert

The event has surpassed its pre-pandemic levels with new participants and new perspectives



Before you can benefit from this workflow automation, you must analyze your OMC to discover where to implement automation tools in your system


Shifting your order tracking to be customer-centric can make not only your customers happy, but make them better for your business overall


Discover how mastering each point in the process can transform your customers’ success by delivering the kind of customer experience that boosts satisfaction and retention


The nonprofit society uses Maplytics to trace and plot the shelters that rescue the animals rendered homeless during the War and trace their needs for food, medicine, or o...


Global distributor leverages enVista and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for key ERP capabilities, critical support and expert service

A comprehensive MES solution for barcoded time capture and employee time management Shop Floor Insight is a comprehensive and...
Discover the future of strategic planning with the Enhanced Planning Pack. This state-of-the-art app unifies forecasting...
Optimize your order fulfillment process by focusing on in-stock orders. Optimize your order fulfillment operations with the...
WhatsApp4Dynamics is a productivity app available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/Microsoft Dataverse (Power Apps) that helps...
Simplify your internal processes by enforcing best practices using Business Process Checklist within Microsoft Dynamics 365...