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by Hugh Cumming

In the world of FP&A, the promise of ML and AI is accelerating change for professionals 

by Cynthia Priebe

Check out the “little” changes that don’t look like much in the release notes but pack a bigger bang than their descriptions suggest


With little or no training users can quickly analyze issues from a variety of perspectives to identify trends in their businesses
Formpipe Software

Learn Formpipe's Lasernet software helped Abilene Machine to create, modify and distribute personalized documents to their customers after migrating to Microsoft Dynamics ...

Easily add carrier integration, real-time shipping rates, package management and shipment tracking to Business Central...
The Vena Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Connector is a purpose-built native integration between the Vena Intelligent...
Visualize each workstation, enabling managers and staff to manage production scheduling more effectively with the Graphical...