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Connect Microsoft AX to Anything: Rapid Integration for Microsoft AX

Don't start your AX integration project from scratch

The High Cost of Chasing Invoices: The Tipping Point for AP Automation in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Top questions to ask during AP automation evaluation

Convincing Your Boss to Implement Document Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Some tips to get your bosses on-board

Dynamics AX/365 EDI Solution Evaluation Checklist

Valuable questions to differentiate between EDI options

Time-Based Closing Strategies: The High Cost of Procrastination

Behaviors associated with the optimal selling and buying windows related to time-based patterns

The Future of Distribution: 15 Ways to Thrive in the New Age of People, Integration and Speed of Change

Key concepts that thriving distributors are incorporating into their business models

7 Ways to Make the Right Choice and Save Costs When Choosing Your Public Sector ERP System

Save costs both during and after the implementation

Building a Data-Centric Company

Data is being generated at an unprecedented rate both outside of organizations and within

7 Questions to Ask Before Investing in CRM

A simple guide that will help small business owners cut through all the noise when it comes to choosing a CRM tool

Getting Started with Marketing Automation and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Understanding what marketing automation is, however, is only part of the battle
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