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Business Need

18 Reasons Why ERP and E-Commerce Integration Just Makes Sense

Imagine getting the e-commerce data directly

Easy Document Management: A Guide to Benefits, Features and Selection

A more compact means of storage, universal access for retrieval, and higher levels of data security and privacy

Infographic: Which Cloud Type is Right for Your Solution?

What is the right fit for your organization: Public, private, or hybrid?

Value-Driven Business Intelligence Strategy: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Craft a story of value for your company that will continue to grow

Automating Fax & Email Orders into Your Microsoft Dynamics Platform

A critical step for completing your "E-Vision"

The Top Ten AP Automation Best Practices

#4: Automate invoice matching for swift and efficient processing

The Three Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Going Paperless

If these common mistakes are not accounted for, the project may be doomed before it even begins

Transition to Being an Online Drop-Ship Vendor: A Checklist for Success

Understanding drop?ship program requirements for high volume suppliers

A New Approach to Managing Sales & Use Tax in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Sales, use and value-added tax compliance poses increasing challenge for midmarket companies
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