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Business Need

2017 Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Idea Book

Ideas for how you could use Dynamics CRM in your marketing efforts

Why TMS Should Be A Key Component to Your Customer Service Strategy

Discovering these customer wants and needs comes at a cost to shippers

Realize the Value of Your Dynamics ERP by Leveraging Its Data

Stories from four companies who have learned to leverage their ERP data to their advantage

How Best-in-Class Performers Are Taking a Strategic Approach to Wringing Costs Out of Accounts Payable

Transforming process automation into operational cost control

How to Gain an Operational Edge by Fully Integrating AP and Dynamics ERP Technology

Aligning processes with technology enables efficiency and empowers decision making

How to Stop Your Warehouse from Stealing Your Profits

A Warehouse Technology Designed to Enable Small and Mid-Size Companies to Compete with the Big Guys

An Integrated Approach to Project Management

Extend the value of your Microsoft Dynamics AX investment

A Unified Data Platform for Retail: How an Omni-Channel Strategy Renews Customer Engagement

Bridging the gap between brick and click

Data Migration: Flying Your Data to Microsoft Dynamics ERP

What can you expect when it comes to transferring your data?

The Sales Intelligence Challenge: What Do You Really Need to Know to Sell Effectively?

Understanding the difference between giving your reps access to sales data as opposed to true sales intelligence
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