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Business Need

Why Business Intelligence Will Boost the Success of Your Distribution Business

Six key issues BI can target to help improve your business

6 Questions to Assess if Your Sales Activities are a Compliance Risk

Take this self-assessment survey to determine your transactional tax footprint and risk of non-compliance

Obtaining Business Intelligence (BI) from Microsoft Dynamics GP

Everyone wants Business Intelligence (BI), but few know where to start. This guide is all about using “native” Microsoft Dynamics GP to start your BI journey.

How “Multi-Channel Management Power for Distributors” Can Turn Underdogs into Superheroes

How a single view of multiple channel systems improves your customers’ buying experience and your bottom line

A Guide to EDI Transaction Codes for Supply Chain and Transportation Logistics

A list of ANSI X12 Transaction Sets that correspond to supply chain logistics activities.

Solving the Paper Problem - Part 2

Some of the benefits that many businesses have experienced while battling the paper problem

How to Eliminate Accounts Receivable Invoice Disputes & Get Paid Faster

Dispute Management strategies for business credit professionals

Trend Report: Food Safety Modernization Act Calls for Food and Beverage Traceability

Implications of two major new rules for food and beverage manufacturers

Fundraising in the Internet Era: Why an Effective Online Fundraising Strategy is a "Must Have" for All Nonprofit Organizations

Different options that can help not-for-profits develop a powerful online fundraising strategy

Smart Stewardship in a Rapidly Changing World

A common decision-making format to help your nonprofit achieve its goals
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