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Business Need

IT and Business Benefits of Cloud Faxing

Improving business by improving fax

Solving the Paper Problem - Part 1

Every employee knows how much of a burden paperwork can be

Practical Tips and Tactics for Marketers Using Microsoft Dynamics 365

The pocket guide to lead generation for Dynamics 365 users

The B2B Marketer's Guide to Social Media Success

If you are looking to up your B2B social media game, or even get started on social, this guide is for you

The Benefits of CRM and Knowledge Management (KM) Integration in the Age of Social Media

How to best approach integration while leveraging your existing investments

How to Compare the Real Cost of Accounting Software Packages: 30 Questions to Ask Before You Sign the Contract

Insider tips to avoid hidden fees and save money

Time Tracking: Is It Still Relevant in an Agile Environment?

How time reporting provides significant value to organizations practicing Agile development

Why Your Warehouse Will Prosper in the Cloud

How your warehouse can benefit from Cloud vs. on-premise deployment

15 Questions to Bring Sanity to Your Organization’s Evaluation of Hybrid Cloud

Sort through the confusion and make a sensible technology plan for the future

Obtaining Business Intelligence (BI) from Microsoft Dynamics GP

Everyone wants Business Intelligence (BI), but few know where to start. This guide is all about using “native” Microsoft Dynamics GP to start your BI journey.
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