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Business Need

Smooth-Running Supply Chains Start With a Solid ERP System

ERP options for today’s non-durable consumer packaged goods

The Ultimate Glossary of BI Terms

References for anyone eager and ready to further educate themselves in the world of data

Build a Powerful BI Solution: Start with the Right Data and Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators and data gathering techniques that add value to your business intelligence solution

Extending the Effectiveness of ERP Through Employee Portals

Attributes you should be looking for in an ERP system

Product Customization Management: How to Reduce the Complexities of Mass Customization

Product Customization Management (PCM) is a business strategy that all manufacturers need to implement

Achieving High Performance in the Supply Chain: Inventory Optimization

Quantifiable benefits of inventory optimization

SharePoint 2010 Rocks the Enterprise: Can You Finally Migrate to a Single Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System?

Is SharePoint 2010 really the “Information Operating System”?

The 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Forecasting, and How to Avoid Them

Escape the supply chain fire and brimstone resulting from excessive forecast error

A New Era for ERP: The Mobility Phenomenon

Microsoft Dynamics users can take advantage of mobile ERP access today

The Critical Role of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in Effective Regulatory Compliance

The three common compliance requirements that organizations must meet
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