The AX Solution Architect

Sales Order Picking/Shipping with Basic WMS in Microsoft Dynamics AX

The AX Solution Architect

Fundamentals of Transportation in Microsoft Dynamics AX

How to Support a Dynamic Replenishment Strategy in Microsoft Dynamics AX WMS

AX Consulting Secrets: Configuring Inventory Reservations & Allocations in Dynamics AX

Leveraging the Dynamics AX functionality for item reservation is pivotal as a control

The Future of Distribution: 15 Ways to Thrive in the New Age of People, Integration and Speed of Change

Key concepts that thriving distributors are incorporating into their business models

Inventory Reconciliation in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Easing your month end pain

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Its Application for Dynamics AX (Recorded Webcast)

How Microsoft Azure Machine Learning can be applied to solve real-world business problems in different industries
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