Bill Of Material Mgmt

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NAV Sales Configurator

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Improve your ability to accurately quote products that have multiple potential options and configurations. Create Assemble-to-Order configurations directly from quotes and orders, or create production BOMs for more complex production environments with precision using NAV Sales Configurator from...[READ MORE]


How to use the vendor production order in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, Enterprise

Silverline Office Equipment Maintains Market Position and Success with TRIMIT Furniture for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Documentation is now created at the time of requirement and routed to the appropriate physical location for use
The AX Solution Architect

Model SCM Decision Making for Purchased Material using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX7): The new Product Information screen

Using Microsoft Dynamics AX Product Configurator in an engineer-to-order environment

Microsoft Dynamics AX Revenue Recognition Process for Completed Percentage Project / Sales Method

Key information for processing revenue recognition
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