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The AX Solution Architect

Manage Serialized Items Using Microsoft Dynamics AX

The AX Solution Architect

Subcontracted Production using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Part 2

Data Masons' UDT transforms data to or from any EDI, ASCII, XML, or ODBC data source dynamically, without intermediate files. The result is high-performance data transformation, elimination of common file exchange errors, easy re-queuing of documents, and simplified error...[READ MORE]

Some trading partners such as JC Penney, Cabela's, Kohl's, and AAFES use 753 Request for Routing and 754 Routing Instructions to communicate final routing information for purchase orders, purchase order overrides and to authorize shipments. While most inbound EDI purchase orders include shipment...[READ MORE]

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Remote Warehouse Integration EDI


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Does your company use or plan to use Remote (Third Party Logistics, or “3PL”) Warehouses for the distribution of goods? If so, many warehouses utilize electronic business document exchange to increase efficiency and eliminate errors. If you are using Vantage Point EDI®, these documents can be...[READ MORE]

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