Providing Work Instructions to Job Operators in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations & AX

November 14 2018

In a typical manufacturing company, the factory personnel will have received training on the machines and tools they work with. Yet for the manufacture of certain products, it is often the case that special work instructions are needed, especially in Engineer-to-Order environments where novelty can be a daily occurrence.

An ERP system provides the needed information for production orders like the Bill of Material and the Routing steps. Those are the basics. In addition, the CAD drawing is often provided to the floor workers.

Any additional work instructions would have to be entered in some other way, like notes or attached documents. In this article we will explore what is possible in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and in AX 2012.


Add notes to BOM lines (use paperclip) or/and add notes to routing steps. The last tab of the routing step has an option for this. (Paperclip not needed, but the attached note or file will show up under the paperclip after this)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations work orders


Use the Document group (a new feature in D365FO only) to define documents and notes that should be available to operators using the Job card device (also a new feature in D365FO only).

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