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ClickLearn is the market leading solution for achieving rapid user adoption by creating user instructions, e-learning and process videos for business software. Go through your business process once and ClickLearn delivers it in 8 different learning formats, such as: Written instructions in HTML, Word and PDF, full-screen PowerPoint presentation, digitally narrated videos, 2 interactive learning videos and a digital assistant that guides the user on-screen in the live system.  It also features automated written and narrated support in +45 languages for all your global users!  

ClickLearn even auto-upgrades all your learning materials to newer or changed product versions with a click of a button. 

On-boarding and creating learning materials has never been easier

Company Location

Sjaeleboderne 2
Copenhagen K
Denmark 1122 

The Americas:

ClickLearn US, Inc.

9800 4th Street North, Suite 200

33702 St. Petersburg, FL

United States of America

Tel: +1 602-733-9591


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