Company Description

ClickLearn is the leading solution for creating E-learning, documentation and live assistance inside the most popular business systems. ClickLearn works with SAP, IFS, Microsoft Dynamics AX|GP|NAV|CRM, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint and Oracle Financials.

Documenting your vital business processes and keeping them up-to-date in an agile enterprise is not a trivial task - We know!

ClickLearn produces smart software used to document your business processes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or SAP. Simply Click-through record your process and ClickLearn will Automatically generate:

  • Full Microsoft Word documentation with screenshots
  • Step-by-step presentation of the process in PowerPoint
  • Step-by-step Flash video with auto-generated voice narration
  • Scoring enabled E-Learning course going through the process
  • How-to video in Windows Media Video format

Company Location

Nørregade 28D
Copenhagen K
Denmark 1165

The Americas:
4310 West Spruce Street
Suite 539
Tampa, FL 33607