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ClickLearn is the market leading solution for achieving rapid user adoption by creating user instructions, e-learning and process videos for business software. Go through your business process once and ClickLearn delivers it in 8 different learning formats, such as: Written instructions in HTML, Word and PDF, full-screen PowerPoint presentation, digitally narrated videos, 2 interactive learning videos and a digital assistant that guides the user on-screen in the live system.  It also features automated written and narrated support in +45 languages for all your global users!  

ClickLearn even auto-upgrades all your learning materials to newer or changed product versions with a click of a button. 

On-boarding and creating learning materials has never been easier

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The Americas:

ClickLearn US, Inc.

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United States of America

Tel: +1 602-733-9591

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How solve your real-life user adoption challenges - Masterclass by ClickLearn

How solve your real-life user adoption challenges - Masterclass by ClickLearn

Masterclass - Free virtual conference by ClickLearn

Join the Masterclass to increase your digital adoption skillset. 

Learn how to future-proof your software implementations and improve your employee experience through digital transformation. Choose from more than 10 sessions jam-packed with guidance on real-life challenges–like best practices for avoiding the major pitfalls of updating training materials.


Tune in to 9 hours of must-see digital adoption talks in 4 tracks and learn how to:

  • Expand your user adoption skillset
  • How to effectively plan and organize a documentation and training project from start to finish
  • Uncover the different deployment scenarios of training content
  • Monitoring your content’s performance to ensure optimal user adoption
  • Common pitfalls of updating training materials - and how to avoid them
  • Run tests on your documented work processes without even opening your systems
  • And much more!

Successfully implementing technology solutions doesn’t have to be a headache! Take your digital adoption project to the next level on the 15th and 16th of November.

--- Date and time ---

  • November 15th at 09:30 CET
  • November 15th at 10:00 AM EST
  • November 16th at 10:00 AEDT

--- How to register ---


New Podcast on Digital Adoption

New Podcast on Digital Adoption

The Digital Adoption Talks podcast examines the main causes of user adoption issues in Dynamics 365 projects.

ClickLearn is thrilled to announce the launch of the Digital Adoption Talks podcast with Microsoft MVP Rick McCutcheon and ClickLearn CEO Joachim Schiermacher. This podcast addresses the pains that businesses encounter when taking on digital adoption projects and equips listeners with guidance on best practices. 


In coming episodes of Digital Adoption Talks, slated for release at two-week intervals, hosts are joined by a slate of guests to talk about Digital Adoption in the Microsoft ecosystem. Industry and subject matter experts such as COO of DSWi AJ Ansari, JC Quintana author and founder of Dialogueprime, Louis Trahan, president at Learngistics and Chuck Ingram, CEO of congruentX will give their take on all things digital adoption strategy and transformation. 

To listen to the first episode, check out Digital Adoption Talks on SpotifyGoogle PodcastApple Podcast, and YouTube.


There’s a 40% increase in the number of apps organizations deploy - the largest averaging 175 apps. When there's so much technology in front of you, you need to think about how you adopt your users.

--ClickLearn CEO Joachim Schiermacher


Taking the mess out of translation – automating the localization process

Taking the mess out of translation – automating the localization process

Did you know that more than 75% of internet users prefer websites in their native language and less than 26% of the world's internet users are English speaking? And did you know that localized content has 6 times more engagement than global content?*

It is a well-known fact that if you’re a global company and you’re not offering translated content, you’re losing out on potential business. Likewise, if you only offer software training in one language for your global teams, you risk negatively affecting the success and ROI of your software implementations.

Although ClickLearn offers templated translations of all user actions, chapters, and notes, any content that you create requires added translation. 

To solve this need, ClickLearn and Andovar have formed a technological partnership bringing a professional translation service into the application – not only at a surprisingly low cost but also with exceptional ease of use. 

Headquartered in Singapore, Andovar is an international translation and localization firm that specializes in delivering translation services for eLearning & HR, gaming, and technology companies. Their customer base includes Spotify, NetSuite, Uber, and Travelocity. Andovar uses over 5000 vetted translators from around the globe, ensuring that content is translated professionally, capturing context, nuances, and subtleties correctly.  

"The whole team at Andovar is excited about our collaboration and this great opportunity to provide professional training translation solutions to ClickLearn's customers. Translation automation is the hot topic in localization these days, and ClickLearn makes the entire process so simple, by providing a translation ecosystem right inside their solution!" - Steven Bussey, VP of Marketing, Andovar.

While it is impossible to be as fast as instant machine translation, Andovar provides a rapid service with professional quality. It supplies quotes instantly, and once you accept the quote; you are kept up to date throughout the process from within ClickLearn Attain. 

Translation projects are messy to manage, but with this new in-app service, ClickLearn takes the mess out of the process. You just click a button to get a quote from Andovar, which arrives almost instantly, once you accept it, you can easily track the status from within the application, and finally, when you receive your translated text, ClickLearn distributes the translations across all your recordings and structures and puts these in the exact right place.  

“This is the first time we are making external services available for our customers inside the ClickLearn application. Having professional translations available at the click of a button can mean a world of difference to many of our global customers.”  - Joachim Schiermacher, CEO, ClickLearn.

Just imagine how much time this saves you – now multiply that figure by the number of languages you localize into. ClickLearn has always offered customers great savings in time and money with its multilanguage feature, but with this new in-app service, ClickLearn has taken its Localization module to a whole new level.  



ClickLearn Partner Days Event - Business Insights

ClickLearn Partner Days Event - Business Insights


ClickLearn to run its annual Partner Days event on May 19-20, 2021

With close to 100 authorized partners in our fast-growing ClickLearn partner community, we are committed to providing value and business opportunities for our partners. We’ve given our partner program an overhaul and are launching a completely new partner portal with all the collateral you need to win deals with ClickLearn.

We’ve organized a series of short, 10-minute sessions for both existing and future partners of ClickLearn, where you will hear from our successful partners and MVPs, and you’ll learn why user adoption really does make good business sense.

The entire ClickLearn team will be available to offer both intermediate and expert insights, and you'll have a chance to discuss with the experts from the Customer Care and Development team. Browse the many sessions, to find the ones that suit your specific needs and interests.

You can register for free and see the agenda here.

About ClickLearn

ClickLearn is the market leading solution for creating easy user instructions, e-learning and process videos for business software.

ClickLearn will automate writing your business-critical walk-throughs, saving you 80% of the time you now spend creating them manually in Dynamics 365|BC|F&O|CE, Power Platform and most of your other business systems.


Transforming the way training and documentation is authored and delivered

Transforming the way training and documentation is authored and delivered

ClickLearn is the leading provider of user adoption software that automates the process of creating user instructions, e-learning, and process videos for business software.

ClickLearn recently launched a new release of its onboarding and training software under the name Attain. This marks a complete redesign of the ClickLearn application to create a fantastic user experience with over 200 new features! ClickLearn Attain offers faster results, ease-of-use, and unparalleled collaborative experiences in the creation of content for training and documentation.

ClickLearn Attain is a key player in user adoption across business systems. Globally, more than 650 enterprise customers and over 8000 trained authors use ClickLearn to automate the creation of content for documentation and training. To address the different learning styles of employees, you can use the application to produce materials in a wide variety of formats and languages from a single click. The automation of the content creation process creates considerable savings for organizations in terms of costs, resources, and time.

With its in-app assistance that guides users from inside their business systems, ClickLearn ensures that users are quickly onboarded and re-enabled in any business software. One of ClickLearn’s greatest strengths is its automated Replay feature that automatically updates content when there is a change or an upgrade to the business software – ensuring that training content is always up to date.

The ClickLearn team has spent the last year collecting and implementing feedback from its customers and users and this release is the result of all their hard work. ClickLearn Attain offers its users an improved user experience, over 200 new features, an increased focus on collaboration, in-app guidance, and built-in support to ensure the best in user adoption functionality.

Whether you are new to ClickLearn or one of the 8000 experienced ClickLearn authors, if you want to see what the future of user adoption looks like, join the Get Smarter Attain launch party on October 13.

Read more about the new features here

Virtual Attain conference info.

Watch a video with ClickLearn CEO and founder Joachim Shiermacher here.


ClickLearn to host Get Smarter 2020, a virtual conference for enterprise software training

ClickLearn to host Get Smarter 2020, a virtual conference for enterprise software training

Get Smarter 2020 on April 30, 2020 will offer training and business insights for ClickLearn authors and partners

Copenhagen, Denmark  April 27, 2020 –  ClickLearn, the leading provider of multimedia digital training and documentation software for enterprise systems, will host their Get Smarter 2020 virtual conference on April 30, 2020.

The company's inaugural virtual conference, Get Smarter features dedicated learning tracks with over twenty sessions rich in educational content and interactive opportunities for both authors and partners. 

"At ClickLearn we innovate how business applications training is consumed, created and maintained," said ClickLearn CEO Joachim Schiermacher. "We do that by delivering world class experiences to our authors and content consumers around the world. With over 5,800 authors and 500 enterprises, using the ClickLearn technology, we have a large community, that we are looking to forward to bringing together on this special day to share and discuss training with ClickLearn."

Sessions at Get Smarter 2020 feature experts from within ClickLearn like Mr. Schiermacher and his fellow co-founders, leaders of the company's customer success, R&D, and training teams, as well as community leaders like Microsoft Business Applications MVP Rick McCutcheon.

ClickLearn's current and prospective partners will hear from the team about the latest product updates and a detailed look at the new licensing and partner model. Updates include subscription-based licensing, improved revenue generating opportunities for partners, and attractive new options for SMB customers.

ClickLearn authors, the people who develop the interactive training content for customers' enterprise systems, will hear from subject matter experts on the product roadmap, content development techniques, user adoption best practices, the latest guidance on optimizing work-from-home conditions, and more.

"I am extremely proud of the exciting content, that we have made available to all of our customers on this day," said Mr. Schiermacher.


ClickLearn introduces updated licensing and partner model for crossplatform digital training and documentation

ClickLearn introduces updated licensing and partner model for crossplatform digital training and documentation

With an accelerating customer base, the new partner incentives and pricing options position the company's digital training solution to scale across enterprises of all sizes.

ClickLearn, the leading provider of multimedia digital training and documentation software forenterprise systems, has unveiled a new licensing model and partner-driven strategy to meet the digital transformation needs of its customers.

ClickLearn will introduce a subscription-based licensing plan that differentiates on seats, authors, and systems, making it possible to get started for a very low price and then grow the model as a project or company initiative expands. This approach will remove any barriers for small and medium enterprises that want to begin their efforts to boost user adoption and improve documentation.

"We have listened to our partners and provided a model to fit their needs," says Joachim
Schiermacher, ClickLearn CEO.

For partners, it's a new opportunities to accelerate both deal flow and revenue generation. The new program provides a model through which partners re-sell ClickLearn subscription licenses and receive recurring revenue and deliver their own value-added services.

"At the core of our technology is an advanced recording engine and powerful integrations with business-critical enterprise systems," said Schiermacher. "We are the only easy-to-use technology available for cross-platform testing. This is a very exciting moment as we invite new customers—including small and medium enterprises—to work with our partners to improve their businesses at a low-cost and commitment through our subscription approach."
Subscription licensing and new partner incentives come as ClickLearn has experienced a year of hyper-growth, expanding by leaps and bounds in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem and other software channels.

"Our product is ready to grow with customers of all sizes," says Schiermacher. "Going forward, prices will be available online so that customers can determine monthly costs or the cost to train each individual user."

Learn more about ClickLearn's partner program here or listen to a podcast with CEO Joachim Schiermacher talking about the new licensing model here


ClickLearn: Activities in October 2019

ClickLearn: Activities in October 2019

The 2019 Autumn conference season is kicking off for ClickLearn this October. We are going to be busy. And we cannot wait!

We are sending our dedicated team to four big industry conferences this month, to present our solution and engage with users, partners, and industry leaders from around the world.

This fall you can meet us at the IFS World Conference in Boston, Directions EMEA in Vienna, and User Group Summit and eXtreme365 in Orlando. Besides being present at these conferences, we have prepared a special live webinar with the focus on building successful user adoption practice.

Webinar: Building a user adoption practise to win more Dynamics 365 deals

2 October

Join Microsoft MVP Rick McCutcheon and Rowland Dexter, the managing director of leading UK CRM partner QGate, for a conversation about how QGate re-shaped their project strategy by re-focusing on delivering exceptional user adoption of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solutions. In the process, the firm has boosted its performance by retaining and empowering loyal customers. This session also includes a live demo of ClickLearn for CRM/CE by Peter Højlund Løvskov, ClickLearn Product Evangelist, who will show how to produce a full learning portal for all end-customers in minutes.
Register for the webinar here 

IFS World Conference 2019

7-10 October - The Hynes Convention Center, Boston, USA

Change doesn’t just happen. Behind it are people who refuse to fit into the norm and who dare to think differently. People who challenge the status quo and create opportunity. We call them the challengers.
Visit the official event website 

Directions EMEA

9-11 October - Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria

The Directions EMEA 2019 conference is where the Partner Community will meet with Microsoft to continue effective collaboration and growth with Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Visit the official event website

eXtreme 365 North America

13-15 October - Caribe Royale - Grand Caribe Convention Center, Orlando, USA

A high-energy forward-looking event providing Microsoft partners a deep understanding of Microsoft's roadmap, expert community insights on overcoming real-world challenges and an opportunity for building exceptional relationships.
Visit the official event website 

User Group Summit North America 

15-18 October - Gaylord Palms Resort, Kissimmee, FL, USA

User Group Summit delivers the can’t-miss annual conference for users of the Microsoft Business Applications platform – featuring education on all versions of Dynamics 365, AX, CRM, GP, BC/NAV, Power BI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow. With credible peer-to-peer knowledge exchange at its core, this event provides focused learning and networking as users gain instrumental solutions for their everyday system challenges and larger organizational goals. In every industry and across the globe, Summit is well known as a premier user-centric experience.
Visit the official event website


Microsoft MVP Rick McCutcheon and ClickLearn CEO Joachim Schiermacher discuss how the PowerPlatform is proving to be a game changer for Microsoft partners

Microsoft MVP Rick McCutcheon and ClickLearn CEO Joachim Schiermacher discuss how the PowerPlatform is proving to be a game changer for Microsoft partners

ClickLearn is expanding its proposition at breakneck speed – and it’s all thanks to the Microsoft Power Platform.

Recently described by Microsoft’s Satya Nadella as the "extensibility framework for Office 365 and Microsoft 365," the Microsoft Power Platform includes three components: Power BI, a business intelligence tool for visualising data; PowerApps, a tool for the creation of business applications; and Flow, a tool for connecting applications. According to ClickLearn CEO Joachim Schiermacher, the Power Platform has the potential to become the heart of enterprise specific solutions.

"Solutions can be created at lightning speed, data visualised and aggregated in Power BI, integrated with the remaining business critical applications using Flow and of course implemented in the organisation with full user adoption using ClickLearn," he says. "I think we have yet to experience a stronger toolbox to support a paved road for corporate digital adoption."

Rick McCutcheon, a Microsoft most valued professional, agrees with Schiermacher: "Power Platform is one of the most significant Microsoft developments of the past decade," he explains. "The underlying low code technology that powered Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been enhanced to become a low code platform for developers. This means that more than just Dynamics customers can expand the functionality of Dynamics 365, without any complicated programming languages. This functionality also opens up a low code development platform for the Office 365, SharePoint and Azure communities."

For Microsoft partners like ClickLearn, the Power Platform is a game-changer. "There has always been technology enabling partners to build Power BI and custom app solutions, but Power Platform will make this easier as Microsoft continues to develop and streamline the integration points to their family of technology," McCutcheon says. "It expands the potential market from thousands of Dynamics 365 users to potentially millions of Office 365, SharePoint and Azure users."

Schiermacher has worked hard to build a business that delivers a single turnkey solution comprised of easily accessible services and great software. "We know that we need to deliver both of these things fast and reliably," he says. "But although I’m extremely proud of our on-boarding services, our support and free consultancy that we provide for every customer, we would honestly not exist if we didn’t have fantastic technology at the heart of everything we do. We have the strongest recording technology and that enables us to take our proposition further than any other competitor in the market."

Schiermacher believes that, thanks to the Microsoft Power Platform, the next couple of years will be particularly interesting. "I truly believe we will move away from monolithic system thinking in which enterprises looked for one or two solutions to cover almost wall-to-wall of their digital requirements", he added.

Technology like the Power Platform provides easy access to filling the gaps. And at the end of the day, that will allow companies to select best-of-breed solutions for smaller functional areas. That will eventually diversify the IT platform and increase the need for having user adoption as an integral part of the digital projects. And that is the purpose our customers want us to serve.

For ClickLearn, this holds great promise. "Technologically, we are moving faster than ever," Schiermacher says. "Our cloud propositions are extended almost daily. We’re evolving the ease of use of our products and creating completely new learning experiences for end consumers."

The future looks bright for Microsoft’s Power Platform too. "The product will continue to mature and become more powerful," McCutcheon says. "What will be interesting in the future will be to see if Power Platform supersedes all existing Microsoft applications such as Dynamics 365 and SharePoint in these licenses and if these products ultimately get rolled into becoming Power Platform applications."


Meet Open Door Technology – first authorized ClickLearn partner in Canada

Meet Open Door Technology – first authorized ClickLearn partner in Canada

Open Door Technology is a Microsoft Gold ERP and ISV partner serving the North American mid-market ERP space since 1992 and the equipment rental market with its Rental Management solution since 2002. The company specializes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central and has extensive experience in oilfield service, distribution, manufacturing as well as equipment rental.

Since becoming a ClickLearn service provider in 2016, Open Door has built solid expertise in ClickLearn - spending more than 7600 hours working with the software. Open Door initially purchased ClickLearn to reduce their effort in maintaining and distributing training documentation, particularly related to their AppSource development for Microsoft. However, they soon started recommending ClickLearn to their clients, realizing that many would benefit from having a license of their own.

Joining the ClickLearn Authorized Partner Program in late 2018 opened the door to new opportunities for the company, enabling them to capitalize on their ClickLearn investment and expand their business offerings. Besides utilizing ClickLearn as a value added service for their clients, they can now also re-sell ClickLearn licenses to clients for internal use.

Christian Roach, vice president of Open Door Technology, foresees clients adopting the software for a broad range of uses to serve their own end users and business partners. Virtually any organization can benefit from utilizing ClickLearn by applying it to processes and technology that make their business unique.

We are looking forward to continuing our close collaboration with the Open Door team and are excited to see what the future brings. We’re glad to have you on board!

Read Open Door customer case story here