ClickLearn to host Get Smarter 2020, a virtual conference for enterprise software training

Get Smarter 2020 on April 30, 2020 will offer training and business insights for ClickLearn authors and partners

Copenhagen, Denmark  April 27, 2020 –  ClickLearn, the leading provider of multimedia digital training and documentation software for enterprise systems, will host their Get Smarter 2020 virtual conference on April 30, 2020.

The company's inaugural virtual conference, Get Smarter features dedicated learning tracks with over twenty sessions rich in educational content and interactive opportunities for both authors and partners. 

"At ClickLearn we innovate how business applications training is consumed, created and maintained," said ClickLearn CEO Joachim Schiermacher. "We do that by delivering world class experiences to our authors and content consumers around the world. With over 5,800 authors and 500 enterprises, using the ClickLearn technology, we have a large community, that we are looking to forward to bringing together on this special day to share and discuss training with ClickLearn."

Sessions at Get Smarter 2020 feature experts from within ClickLearn like Mr. Schiermacher and his fellow co-founders, leaders of the company's customer success, R&D, and training teams, as well as community leaders like Microsoft Business Applications MVP Rick McCutcheon.

ClickLearn's current and prospective partners will hear from the team about the latest product updates and a detailed look at the new licensing and partner model. Updates include subscription-based licensing, improved revenue generating opportunities for partners, and attractive new options for SMB customers.

ClickLearn authors, the people who develop the interactive training content for customers' enterprise systems, will hear from subject matter experts on the product roadmap, content development techniques, user adoption best practices, the latest guidance on optimizing work-from-home conditions, and more.

"I am extremely proud of the exciting content, that we have made available to all of our customers on this day," said Mr. Schiermacher.