Data Warehousing

BI 5 Times Faster! (Recorded Webcast)

Learn how Jet Reports' Data Warehouse Automation gives you full Business Intelligence capabilities 5 times faster than traditional methods

A Real BI Journey (Recorded Webcast)

Soup to nuts - hear how a real life Business Intelligence user actually determined that they needed BI, how they defined their requirements, how they selected the software, what they are doing with it now, and what is next in their BI journey.

BI Software is Not the Answer! (Recorded Webcast)

Why the BI solution journey is more about what you do with the software than the software itself

Is It Big Data or Lots of Smaller Data? How to Evaluate BI Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics (Recorded Webcast)

Looking around the BI marketplace, we're forced to navigate through massive amounts of jargon and buzzwords. A prime example is "big data," which for many organizations at a Fortune 500 level is a reality that can't be ignored in their systems architecture. For many others on the Microsoft Dynamics platforms of AX and CRM, the reality isn't necessarily "big data," but rather, integrating and aligning lots of disparate data coming in from legacy systems, forecasting, online feeds andyour Dynamics ERP and/or CRM itself.

The Retail Industry Can't Survive Without Business Intelligence - And Here's Why

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Power BI Working Together (Recorded Webcast)

How you can use the latest Power BI capabilities to build on your existing knowledge of Excel, amplifying your ability to understand and capitalize on data
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