Data Warehousing

SnapLogic Adds Cortana Analytics Suite Connectors To Its Cloud Integration Platform

BI for Microsoft Dynamics AX: The Path to Project Success (Recorded Webcast)

Dashboards, Analytics, Reporting: Oh My!  This session uncovers some main roadblocks to your BI project and show you how to quickly overcome them to focus on the important stuff, like getting dashboards, reports and analytics into your users' hands! You'll hear firsthand from a Jet Reports client how Jet Enterprise has changed their business, and then look at a live demo that shows you how rapidly you can have a powerful BI solution working for you in your own organization. 

Power Up Your Dashboards with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Power BI (Recorded Webcast)

Discover practical and specific examples of the power of combining Power BI and Dynamics AX - this stuff is too cool!

With our history in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and BI (Business Intelligence) we collected a lot of experience. We think of ourselves as the Hillstar, a hummingbird species living in ...[READ MORE]


Keys to Achieving Rapid Returns On Business Intelligence

Implement business requirements based on business value

Advantages of Implementing a Data Warehouse During an ERP Upgrade

Data conversion is one of the key activities involved in upgrading an ERP system

The Way to Build BI Faster, Cheaper and Better

Data Warehouse Automation can change more than the way you look at your business

Applied Internet of Things (IoT) Scenarios for Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM (Recorded Webcast)

How companies can implement manufacturing and distributino industry scenarios using Dynamics AX, CRM, and a broad range of Microsoft IoT services.
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