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CCH SureTax for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

PUBLISHED BY: Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

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CCH SureTax for Microsoft Dynamics® 365 for Operations is a cloud-based indirect tax calculation engine addressing the needs of single- and multichannel businesses across diverse industry verticals, including general sales and use tax such as food and restaurant, retail and merchandising,...[READ MORE]


Everything Microsoft Dynamics Users Need to Know about Nexus

If your business has nexus in a certain state, you generally must collect sales taxes within that jurisdiction

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Who gets audited, why they get audited, and the impact on companies

5 Growth Strategies that Create Tax Risk

Here are five ways your success can be your downfall when it comes to tax compliance

Is Your Treasury Technology Aligned with Your Needs?

Four sources of confusion that can undermine your decision making

Manufacturers and Sales Tax: New Channels, New Rules

How growth affects transactional tax compliance for manufacturing companies
Crowe LLP is a public accounting, consulting, and technology firm with offices across the globe. Connecting deep industry and specialized knowledge with innovative technology, our dedicated...[READ MORE]

Firearms Retail: System Solutions automates compliance, records using Microsoft Dynamics AX

Wilson Trailer Enhances Data Security in Microsoft Dynamics AX with Fastpath

Ability to analyze their SOD conflicts and easily review user access within their Dynamics AX environment
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