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For more than 30 years, we have been helping our customers around the globe to convert and communicate business documents in all formats with Lasernet. Let us use our experience, business knowledge and market-leading software to your advantage as well.

Lasernet for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & AX

Complete control of the report generation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 & AX! Lasernet is a tool that allows for an effective and uniform report generation with a streamlined design on top from Microsoft Dynamics 365 & AX. Get in control of the whole process. Reports can be created up to 5 times faster than before, and additional data can be added with just a single mouse click. Documents are filed in PDF format, where the customer can reprint, review and resend documents directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 & AX.

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Sveavägen 168, Stockholm
Box 231 31, 104 35 Stockholm
+46 8 555 290 60

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