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Building a Communications, Data, and Content Backbone for Microsoft Dynamics

Whether you have 2 or 250k invoices, labels, or documents per hour, join our fireside chat to learn how to future proof your order to cash process.  Learn essential strategies to streamline your data and connect disparate systems and legacy applications – to optimize data flow and enhancing insights within your Microsoft Dynamics platform.

In this strategy-focused on-demand discussion, you'll gain practical knowledge on:

  • Integrating Sales Data: Enhance your sales experience by seamlessly integrating ERP and customer interactions using Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Using Lasernet for System Resilience: Employ Lasernet within Microsoft Dynamics to establish bidirectional channels between your ERP and CRM, facilitating the creation and management of customer-specific materials.
  • Personalizing Sales Experiences: Implement tailored sales processes that trigger efficient supply chain actions, from digital catalogs to shipping documentation.