Legacy application upgrades: xRM lessons learned from the field

August 7 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM's flexible xRM capabilities make it a popular option for replacing legacy applications that were either heavily customized or built from scratch long ago. In most cases, a team will consider CRM as a replacement option if the processes are client-related, but interestingly the old applications mostly have ERP-like characteristics with a strong focus on logistics and finance.

About Patrick Huisman

Patrick Huisman is a Senior CRM Consultant at Avanade Netherlands. He studied Economics at  the University of Groningen with a specialization in Marketing and Market Research.

He has a broad experience in CRM implementations especially with Dynamics CRM but also with earlier versions of sales force automation applications. His focus is mainly on the business aspects of CRM implementation, especially translating business needs & requirements into an CRM configuration. An true CRM specialist and enthusiast.

Avanade is a multinational consulting company founded as a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft. Avanade delivers Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ERP, cloud, business intelligence, application development, collaboration and outsourcing solutions to companies across the globe. For more information on our CRM Service Line click http://www.avanade.com/crm.

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Good points Patrick, xRM applications can be enhanced by using MS Visio to model explicit processes that are also the executable, and overcoming the WF limitations with features like multi-version control, full traceability of iterations within a process, upgrade a running process to a new definition on-the-fly, ‘jump’ from one step to another, and have available an improved engine to create richer forms and dialogs, …. And overall, replacing legacy applications whilst maintaining the flexibility of the xRM platform. That’s AgileXRM for Dynamics CRM: Taking Dynamics CRM to New Heights (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgXxMc0LvXw) Appreciate your time, Juanjo