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Dynamics NAV news & resources

by Jason Gumpert

Microsoft has started testing new methods to qualify and route certain types of Business Central leads from its own web properties to partners

by Cynthia Priebe

Discover how to get the correct information from a bank with Dynamics 365 Business Central Data Exchange Definitions


Binary Stream
This booklet explores the core financial administration challenges that healthcare faces, offering strategic solutions for each

Discover how Levoplant combined their data from Excel sheets, their financial reporting tool - Jet Reports, and Power BI in a central place to increase data quality, enabl...


Learn how Innovia was able to help SBCC fix their persistent system outages, upgrade to Azure servers , upgrade to the latest software, and save money

SimplyAP for Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based accounts payable automation solution that streamlines invoice...
The Business Central license-free shipping app for anyone shipping parcels domestically. Order Ship Express is a license-free...
Our eMarketplace connectors are real-time integration tool that offers a seamless connection between Microsoft Dynamics 365...