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Dynamics AX news & resources

by Agnė Pelanienė

Why do vendors stumble with launching an F&SCM solution? And what are they doing wrong?

by Carl Mazzanti

Companies tend to think that Dynamics 365 systems are resistant to penetration, but attacks against SaaS ERP systems remain a threat


With little or no training users can quickly analyze issues from a variety of perspectives to identify trends in their businesses

Global distributor leverages enVista and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for key ERP capabilities, critical support and expert service

Formpipe Software

Pura Vida Bracelets was recently acquired by Vera Bradley, which uses Lasernet and is a current customer of Lasernet Distribution, a Formpipe partner


With a focus on proactive management, enVista empowers enterprises to optimize their legacy and SaaS Microsoft applications...
In January 2023, Microsoft ended extended support for Microsoft Dynamics AX, leaving all versions of AX unsupported. If you...