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by Sian Davies
With all the noise in the supply chain, how can suppliers begin to hone in on the key variables that must be controlled in order to ensure they can get the goods out in time? 
by Michael Porreca
Your Microsoft Dynamics platforms hold a wealth of information that you have been accumulating for years, but aggregating it and turning it into useful, actionable data remai...
by Garth D.
The “savvy” buyer will be asking: how do I use BI technology to create management differential, visibility, and transparency in my industry?
by Garth D.
What investments really matter when it comes to planning the next step in your Dynamics AX solution


With little or no training users can quickly analyze issues from a variety of perspectives to identify trends in their businesses

Microsoft is replacing its traditional reporting platform with a collection of technologies such as Azure Data Lakes, the Power BI platform, and "bring your own database" ...

TECHNOLOGY BI4Dynamics slashes your report writing costs, reduces implementation time with data warehouse designed using the...
Wholesalers, brand owners, private label and CMT companies in apparel, footwear, sporting goods, corporate and promotional...
LS Retail add-on provides multi-dimensional, flexible insight into your retail processes and gives a consolidated 360? view...