The Digital Transformation and B2B E-Commerce Report for 2017–18

Sana Commerce partnered with Sapio Research to survey a diverse group of companies worldwide
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Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365


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Coveo AI-powered search takes your Dynamics 365 search experience to the next level.  Once installed, the solution seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 and is available directly from the built-in global search box....[READ MORE]


Success in a Marketplace: Role of ERP ecommerce integration

Enterprise eCommerce Software Buyer's Guide: 25 Questions to Ask

Ensuring that a new ecommerce system meets the needs of your customers and your business

E-Commerce Trends that Dynamics 365 ERP Customers Can Take Advantage of (Recorded Webcast)

Watch this webcast for an informative discussion on e-commerce trends that Dynamics 365 ERP customers can take advantage of.

Microsoft Dynamics Webcasts, January 22-26, 2018: E-commerce trends for D365

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