Data Migration

The Key to Sales Productivity: Integration of Core Business Applications

Simply having systems in place to help close deals faster isn’t enough to create an agile sales operation

The Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Migration: Think Success Before TCO, Says Partner

How to Conquer Marketing ROI with Integrated Business Systems

The challenge for today’s marketers isn’t access to the right technology – it’s tying all the technology together

NBA Team Reboots Customer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrade, Data Management Refresh

The Importance of Data Quality for CRM

Effective CRM demands the creation of a single, complete, accurate view of customer information

How to Increase Business Agility through Integration Lifecycle Management

How agility, flexibility and lower costs can be built into each phase

CRM, Data Quality and the Single Customer View

Everything hinges on the data, and the data steers the business as it grows

The Data Dependencies of CRM

Accurate data is key to successful execution of all CRM operations
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