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Counter Sales v3.0: Elevating POS Operations for Trade Desks and Retail Counters

The Counter Sales app from Insight Works streamlines business point-of-sale processes by integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Designed for efficiency at parts counters and trade desks, Counter Sales equips businesses with robust features like advanced item lookups, flexible payment processing, and customer setup tools. With the latest release of Counter Sales v3.0, these functionalities empower businesses to achieve operational excellence and better service delivery.

Why Choose Counter Sales?

Selecting the Counter Sales app from Insight Works for your business equips your professional tradesdesk team with a powerful tool that is both efficient and reliable, perfect for environments that demand high-performance sales capabilities. Here are several reasons why the Counter Sales app stands out as the optimal choice:

  • Seamless Dynamics 365 Integration: Ensures smooth operations and data consistency by being fully embedded within Business Central.
  • Flexible Transaction Handling: Adapts to different sales scenarios, supporting both high-volume and high-complexity environments.
  • Enhanced Customer Management: Streamlines the addition of new customers and enhances customer engagement through advanced tools.
  • Comprehensive Payment Solutions: Offers a range of payment options, including advanced credit and debit card processing.
  • Detailed Financial Tracking: Simplifies end-of-day reconciliation and enhances financial reporting and analysis.
  • Customizable User Experience: Allows tailored functionality to meet specific business needs through adjustable settings and permissions.
  • Integration with Receipt Printers and Cash Drawers: Ensures efficient transaction handling and secure cash management, enhancing operational speed and customer satisfaction.

Key Features of Counter Sales v3.0

The latest update, Counter Sales v3.0, introduces a suite of new features designed to further refine the sales process and enhance user and customer experiences:

  • Credit and Debit Card Processing: Directly process credit and debit card transactions through Business Central for increased convenience, using saved details, manual entries, or external EMV terminals.
  • Seamless EBizCharge Integration: Built-in payment processing with EBizCharge provides efficient payment processing directly in Counter Sales.
  • Simplified Payments on Account: The Counter Sales Payment Journal and Reclassification Journal facilitate straightforward payments to customer accounts and easy adjustments of posted payments, enhancing your financial operations.
  • Flexible POS Order Entry: You can easily toggle between Quick Scan and Counter Sales Order pages, allowing for efficient handling of items with or without barcodes.
  • Accurate Cash Register Management: The new cash register functionality supports detailed payment collections and reconciliations, ensuring precise cash handling.
  • Advanced Invoice and Receipt Printing: Customize your reporting experience with Report Scenarios, selecting specific reports, such as simple receipts or formal invoices, for different customer and payment scenarios.
  • Streamlined Customer Setup: Utilize customer templates within the Take Order Wizard for an efficient and simplified process when adding new account customers.
  • Detailed and Timely Sales Analysis: Utilize the Daily Close Summaries report for detailed insights into your end-of-day payment and sales figures, providing real-time insights into sales and margins.

With Counter Sales v3.0, Insight Works continues their tradition of delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that streamline point-of-sale operations and enhance the customer and user experience. For businesses looking to elevate their point-of-sale capabilities, the Counter Sales app offers a robust platform that promises to exceed expectations in operational efficiency and customer service. 

Explore the new standard in trade desk solutions—welcome to Counter Sales v3.0. For more details, visit or contact your Microsoft Partner today.