Company Description

Sana helps businesses all over the world reach their full potential. We offer the shortcut to e-commerce. How? Through 100% seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics. Our e-commerce solution leverages existing business logic and data in powerful and user-friendly web stores, allowing businesses to focus on improving the customer experience, streamlining sales processes, and increasing the sales volume and frequency. Our innovative approach and strong partner network make Sana the driving force behind over 1,200 web stores worldwide.

Whether you're a wholesale distributor or manufacturer looking for a B2B e-commerce solution, or in the retail e-commerce sector (B2C) and in need of a platform that will allow you to sell directly to consumers, a Sana web store will completely fulfill your needs and allow your business to reach your full potential.

Make your business future-proof and join our e-commerce movement. For more information, visit

Company Location

Europe (Headquarters)
Van Nelleweg 1 3044 BC Rotterdam
The Netherlands
P: +31 (0)10-243 6030
F: +31 (0)10-243 6066

North America
228 E 45th St., Suite 9E
New York, NY 10017
P: +1 646-362-0432