From the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement/CRM Blogs: Business card scanner; Entity relationship behavior; Access issues workaround; Lead qualification

November 29 2019

In this week's Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement & CRM blog roundup:

  • Create records quickly with business card scanner
  • Entity relationship behavior feature
  • Dynamics 365 for Sales: Workaround for access issues with deleted AD user
  • Enhancement in lead qualification and email experience

Create records quickly with business card scanner

An author from Inogic noted the general availabilitythe business card scanner as part of 2019 wave 2, which combines the PowerApps component framework, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The business card scan feature is only available in the United States and the European Union.

You can quickly create a record in Dynamics 365 CRM (mobile or web) without manually entering the field value. Just scan and your record will be created.

By default, Microsoft has only offered this feature on some entity quick forms. The author explained how users can add this feature on any entity form.

Entity relationship behavior

Software engineer Rilsina Pegado wrote that using the relationship behavior feature in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, users are able to maintain historical data even on changes done to the parent record, such as when a change of owner happens.

When a user changes the owner of a lead for whatever reason, the system changes the owner on completed activities to the new owner of the record, according to Pegado. This is an issue because users have to document the history of who performed each task in the past. But changing the owner for completed tasks also changes the historical records. Pegado explained how to solve this problem.

Dynamics 365 Sales: Workaround for access issues with deleted AD user

On the Magnetism blog, Roshan Mehta told the story of a user who was unable to log in to Dynamics CRM on-premise.

Sally had left the company, and her CRM user account had been disabled and her Active Directory user account (DOMAIN\sj1) deleted. She then returned to the company a few years later.

Setting up a new Active Directory user account for her as well as a new CRM user didn't work.  She still couldn't log in. It seemed there was an issue that was confusing the system when Sally tried to log in. He realized that by logging in he was causing the system to think that her user account was disabled.

Mehta offered information on how he enabled Sally to log in to the system and in the process tricked CRM into updating her old user record.

Enhancement in lead qualification and email experience

Debajit Dutta wrote that new features in D365 Sales release wave 2 have enabled a better customer experience when it comes to lead qualification.

[Recently], I was in my customer location and I just enabled these features in one of their sandbox environment. Only consultants like us would know how much these simple things are appreciated.

Dutta explored what was new in his blog post. The changes include contact and account information that is automatically pulled up when users select existing contact and account field, the ability to let users chose whether to create an account, a contact, or an opportunity when qualifying a lead and options to create emails from their timelines without losing the context of the records they were working on.

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