From the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blogs: Field service inspections; Update Contacts; Connected customer service; Omnichannel

April 30 2021

This week, on the Dynamics 365 CRM blog roundup:

  • Matrix Dynamic component within inspections for Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Create and update contacts (child) using an embedded Power Apps sub-grid
  • Dynamics 365 connected customer service example
  • Omnichannel for customer service – simplify navigation

Matrix Dynamic component within inspections for Dynamics 365 Field Service

Writing on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM - Tips, Tricks & Add-ons by Inogic blog, Roohi stated that technicians use field service inspections to log the answers for various questions while they work on orders.

Roohi noted that these questions can be related to security queries, asset property details, pass-fail test for asset-based on various measures, customer signature, and customer feedback.

He added that Microsoft has introduced an inspection template feature in Dynamics 365 Field Service to build the most interactive forms for Inspection.

There are various components that can be used while building the inspection templates, such as TextBox, Entity Lookup, Number, File, Date Time, etc. Matrix (Dynamic) is one of the components which can be used to capture multiple details in a single question.

In his blog, Roohi explained how to include this component within field service inspection.

Create and update contacts (child) using an embedded Power Apps sub-grid

Writing on the PowerObjects Blog, Joe D365 noted that one of the great features in Microsoft Customer Engagement is the embedding of the Canvas Power Apps in Dynamics 365. Joe said that it would also be great to be able to create/update the records via the same.

The scenario we would be seeing is to fetch all the child contacts of the account as a sub-grid on a form providing the ability to update the existing contact or create a new contact with an ease via Power Apps without even opening the Contact form in a new window or a quick create.

In his blog post, he focused on embedding a canvas app in a Dynamics 365 form and the steps to create a new contact for the same account.

Dynamics 365 connected customer service example

An author writing on the Ellipse Solutions blog, pointed out that in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), it would be nice if companies could proactively service their customers' needs almost before they realized it.

The author noted that IoT enables service organizations to monitor and identify equipment issues before they get out of hand before the customer contacts customer service.

Being alerted of a customer device issues remotely and being able to send commands remotely allows service agents the ability to have some touchless service opportunities for their customers.

In his blog post, the author explained exactly how companies can do that using Dynamics 365 Customer Service’s connected customer service model.

Omnichannel for Customer Service – simplify navigation

Writing on his Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Unified Service Desk blog, Neil Parkhurst stated that recently he read about the ability to simplify the user navigation in Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Omnichannel for Customer Service and Customer Service Workspace apps.

Noting that he's all for something that might reduce his mouse clicks, heexpl ained how he configured this option.

This is a subtle change but it is actually one that will greatly benefit users. I think anyone 'just' managing cases or other entities directly in the Customer Service Workspace will find this simplified navigation to be exactly what they’d want.

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