Improving Healthcare Management with ERP Integrated eCommerce Solution

April 21 2022

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions serve a wide range of organizations in the healthcare management industry. Hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, medical staffing companies, and more are among the major healthcare institutions that accommodate medical service providers within their organizational structure. Like any other organization, they need tools to look after payroll, accounting, people management, compliance, finances, and operations.

The healthcare management industry operates within strict regulatory guidelines, which presents a sizable challenge in the progress toward full-scale digitization and democratization of operational insights in areas like medical eCommerce and telemedicine. In this article will be exploring healthcare digitization opportunities in the context of Microsoft Dynamics ERP due to its popularity and interoperability benefits for healthcare tools. 

Why are traditional medical players investing in healthcare eCommerce?

The overall impact of digitization in our lives influences customer behavior and expectations for the medical industry, where tech stacks remain in need of significant update. The entry of Amazon in the healthcare eCommerce space has catalyzed the importance of accelerating the adoption of modern systems that redefine both the provider and patient experiences.

ERPs can help address business challenges like information collection, data insights, and distributing those insights, including business process visibility for various stakeholders. As we will discuss below, modern commerce capabilities tied to ERP can both streamline business processes and improve the patient experience throughout their interactions with their provider team.

What is currently lacking in the medical patient customer experience?

Despite remarkable strides in the development of medical science and improved quality of life, 95% of the patients are reported to have negative experiences with the medical industry. Recent data from Salesforce makes it clear that the lack of digitized, automated healthcare technologies is making many healthcare organizations obsolete in terms of desired customer experience (CX.) This is the fundamental lacking element in the current day healthcare industry, which leads to multiple shortcomings associated with customer (patient) experience.

What is a good commerce experience for patients?

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