For gamification success with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, focus on results

May 5 2013

In recent years, an interesting trend has emerged in the implementation of business applications-the focus on driving user adoption by building in game-like mechanisms to make business systems, well, more fun.

Gamification provides a strategy for measuring, rewarding, and encouraging user engagement.  With gamification, users of the business application accumulate points, badges, levels, or other rewards for taking certain actions in the system.

About Gretchen Opferkew

Gretchen began her career in CRM as a Marketing Assistant managing three huge Microsoft Access databases.  Then after being a GoldMine CRM user while implementing medical records software, Gretchen became a GoldMine implementer for several years before becoming a Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementer in 2006.  Having become an experienced project manager and business analyst, she joined PowerObjects in 2008 as the director over the delivery department.  She has recently transitioned to the Director of Education role where she is responsible for consultant development, as well as customer and community education.  Her degree is in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University (St. Paul).

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