Data & Analytics: Four ways bleeding edge technology just makes you bleed

Two young men stood alone at a recent technology conference, talking. A friend of mine heard one say, "We need to get a Spark project going." The other replied, "What would we do with it?" The answer: "We'll figure it out. First we need a Spark project."

As much as some individuals may seek the newest, sexiest technology, chances are their organizations will do fine without it. The bleeding edge too often proves to be a bloody affair that deepens aversion to novelties and increases appreciation for mature technology.

I've seen it firsthand in 25 years of software development and now as I sell my own product, DataSelf Analytics, I urge medium-sized businesses to err toward mature technology.


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About Joni Girardi

Joni Girardi is founder and CEO of DataSelf Analytics, which provides enterprise-grade business intelligence to mid-size organizations of all industries. He launched the company as a consultancy 16 years ago to help small- and medium-sized businesses to get value from their data. His biggest challenge was finding tools that were complete and polished, not under-powered and inflexible. So he began development of what became DataSelf Analytics. Today it features a data warehouse, ETL, and embedded Tableau. It also features more than 5000 starter reports, dashboards, and KPIs. As Girardi describes, "No DataSelf Analytics user has to wait for IT before creating value."

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Too true.

This is a great read, thank you for publishing it. Should be mandatory for decision makers to read.