CRM Confusion: The Double Definition of CRM


The acronym CRM is increasingly becoming a household name, or at the very least a well-known business term.

But what exactly is CRM these days?

To most, CRM has the fairly straight-forward definition it started with: Customer Relationship Management - the ability to track leads, prospects, customers, opportunities, sales, marketing, and customer service.

But CRM really has a double definition.

There is the common sales-oriented definition and then there is a newer additional definition for CRM referring to it as a platform, or "xRM". In the past few years the xRM approach to CRM has gained so much momentum that it often overshadows the traditional CRM definition.


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About Will Slade

My goal is to help organizations understand the unique business value derived from using CRM as the focal point to the entire enterprise. I work to help organizations understand what a well-planned CRM-xRM can do and the value of having a single place to go for customer/member engagement information, transactions, communications, and social interactions.

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