Reverse journal posting in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

January 6 2020

Have you ever run into issues where you have posted the General journal and then it needs to be reversed, only to realize that the transactions must be reversed one by one? An alternate solution is to export the entire journal, change credits to debits, debits to credits, and then upload the journal.

Ever posted a customer payment journal or Vendor invoice journal and then realized it needs to be reversed? The solution so far was to find and reverse every transaction one by one manually from the transaction form on customer master.

If you have struggled with reversals and spend a lot of time trying to perform reversals, the Platform update 31 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, version 10.0.7 has good news for you. A new feature has been released, “Reverse journal posting”, that lets you reverse an entire posted journal or reverse one or more vouchers from the voucher transaction list regardless of their origin. Please note - transactions can be reversed only if they meet the business rules for reversing them. Vendor payments cannot be reversed using the capability described in this topic as it is much more complicated due to payment being generated from the system.

In this article, we will review how to turn on the feature and how to leverage it to speed up reversals. Avoid mistakes in original journal postings so you don’t have to use this feature very often.

The feature is named “Mass reversals for multiple documents” and it can be enabled from the ‘Feature Management’ workspace. For more details on how to enable a feature, refer to this article. Microsoft documentation uses the name “Reverse journal posting” for the same feature. Why it’s different between documentation and application, we don’t know that yet.

Once the feature is enabled, you should be able to use it. Let’s see how this works in action from different perspectives.

Reverse entire Vendor Invoice journal

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gaurangjani's picture

hi, I am facing an issue in a reversal of voucher/journal where there is a Bank module is selected.

Can you provide some ideas, why it happend?