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Using Microsoft Social Engagement Together with Dynamics CRM

Microsoft has made the Social Engagement product widely available for existing customers with Dynamics CRM Online licenses, but have organizations truly embraced the capabilities of this new application yet? Do social channels need to be managed via separate tools aimed at the marketing department or is there new value to be captured when integrating them with the core CRM system?

In this webcast Microsoft MVP Jukka Niiranen will explore the new functionality introduced in the Fall 2015 release of Microsoft Social Engagement (MSE) that ties the product more deeply into Dynamics CRM. How does the new Link-to-CRM feature allow organizations to enrich their customer database with Social Profiles and Social Posts? What are the current limitations of the integration when using MSE for providing social customer service via channels like Twitter? How could the social information be made more useful in the CRM context with a few customizations to the system?

This event is intended for Dynamics CRM customers and service providers who are interested in understanding the configuration options that Microsoft offers in MSE and how the integration with CRM works in practice. You will see a live demo of the system, get to know the data model in CRM, learn how to configure record creation rules and see examples of how CRM workflows and dashboards can be leveraged to better adapt the system for your social tracking needs.


Jukka Niiranen
Power Platform Advisor
Niiranen Advisory Oy