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Full Circle Budget

PUBLISHED BY: T3 Information Systems

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A simple and flexible Excel-based budgeting and forecasting tool that allows users to quickly input budget and forecast amounts in Excel and directly process them into the Dynamics GP, SL or NAV. Unlimited budget templates allow organizations to tailor the budget and forecasting process uniquely...[READ MORE]


Goodwill Industries International Eliminates Cost of Outside Consultant and Has Shortened Budgeting Processing Time After Deploying Full Circle Budget

Goodwill has decreased the time of their budget cycle and had substantial cost savings

Costa Cuts Budget Processing Time Down from One Week to Fifteen Minutes by Deploying Full Circle Budget

Now able to update their fiscal year budgets for all 26 departments in 15 minutes from Excel
T3 Information Systems is a Microsoft Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, GP, SL and CRM. We also support various financial reporting packages such as Management Reporter and Bi360 -...[READ MORE]
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CRG Cost Allocator

PUBLISHED BY: Corporate Renaissance Group

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CRG Cost AllocatorTM is a flexible and efficient costing application that performs multi-level step-down cost allocations by percentage, fixed value, cost drivers, or balances in other accounts to determine true costs and profitability. It automatically connects to various General Ledgers and...[READ MORE]

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