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Hannes Holst is a Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central freelancer with more than 13 years of hands-on experience. His involvement covers the full spectrum, including consulting and development of tailor-made modules and gold-certified industry solutions in various industries. He helps companies to prepare the business for future growth by adapting most of the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central into the company's processes.

"I always try to translate the (technical) world of Dynamics NAV and Business Central into a language that everyone can understand. Having all participants on the same level of understanding is a great foundation to create situations in which everyone wins."

Hannes also tries to convey Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into the world of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Check out his blog for details and keep an eye out for 365 Saturday-events where he holds introduction sessions for Machine Learning.

Hannes has done work for Dynamics NAV and Business Central-projects in Germany, France, Denmark and the USA. Currently he is located in London, UK. In his free time, he studies Japanese and once or twice a year, he likes to run a marathon.

You can find more information about Hannes and his blog on his website


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