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Sales & Marketing Alignment with the emfluence Marketing Platform for D365 and Power Apps

It's easy to silo sales and marketing teams, but sales and marketing alignment works best when both teams are working with the same information. Whether you use Microsoft Dynamics CE, CRM or a custom Power App, you can leverage your sales data as part of your marketing automation strategy and your marketing data to move prospects through the sales funnel.

In the first video of our Sales & Marketing Alignment series, we give an overview of how the emfluence Marketing Platform when integrated with D365 or a Power App can aid in aligning your sales and marketing teams by covering the following:

  • The Contact Detail record
  • Contact scoring
  • Tracking the customer journey
  • Automation & personalization

Watch this short demo to learn more about the emfluence Marketing Platform for Microsoft Dataverse, Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics.