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Patagonia Achieves Omnichannel Success and Elevates its Customer Journey with Vertex Tax Solutions and Microsoft D365

Patagonia, a leader in outdoor apparel, faced substantial challenges in maintaining tax compliance across its diverse sales channels—e-commerce, retail, and wholesale. The resulting fragmentation not only presented challenges to customer experiences but also created internal hurdles for tax and IT operations. The lack of visibility into online tax transactions, especially during in-store returns, exacerbated the issue.

Proactively addressing these challenges, Patagonia initiated a strategic endeavor to consolidate its disparate systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its frontend Salesforce platform, seamlessly integrated with Vertex’s tax compliance solutions. This established a unified tax platform across ERP, Order Management and Retail.

Benefits of integrating Vertex’s tax compliance solutions with Microsoft D365 and Salesforce:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Patagonia customers can now seamlessly shop online or in-store, enjoying a cohesive and connected retail experience.
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: The consolidation of systems resulted in increased operational efficiency, delivering significant cost savings for Patagonia.
  • Risk Reduction: Integrated Vertex tax solutions played a crucial role in mitigating risks, ensuring robust compliance and reliability in tax processes.

In this video, Shelley Chase, International Director of Tax at Patagonia, outlines what her team did to create a more connected experience for Patagonia's customers and internal teams.

 Watch this 2-minute video for the full story!