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PartnerTalks: Molly Fuchsel of Dynamics User Group (DUG)

PartnerTalks is 150 episodes old. 

Since the show’s inception, dozens of people have shared their stories with a multiplatform audience of more than 30,000. 

More than three years ago, producer Jonathan Martin and I conceptualized the series as a way for Microsoft Partners to get to know their peers and to share information across the D365 community. 

Since then, the series has grown, expanded and partnered with organizations throughout the D365 ecosystem. For the show’s 150th episode, I spoke with a representative from one of them. 

Dynamics User Group (DUG) President Molly Fuchsel joined me to talk about DUG's latest events, DynamicsCon Virtual and the upcoming DynamicsCon Live set to be held in Scottsdale, Arizona from May 22-25. 

In-person events are, I believe, essential to developing and maintaining strong, healthy relationships - through which strong, healthy communities are built. It seems fitting to me that we celebrate the 150th episode of our series, developed to give community members a voice, by discussing an event designed to strengthen that same community. 

Molly's and my respective organizations' overlapping values also motivated me to register PartnerTalks as a media sponsor for DynamicsCon Live. We hope to see you in Scottsdale next month. 

While we spoke, Molly shared her appreciation for the PartnerTalks show and the opportunity to connect with experts and industry leaders. She noted that PartnerTalks had become a valuable resource for the DUG community, which has grown to 32 user groups in eight countries. 

With DynamicsCon Virtual successfully behind us and DynamicsCon Live on the horizon, Molly and I share enthusiasm for the future of the Dynamics ecosystem.