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DUG Webinar: What Does a Good Business Central Implementation Project Schedule Look Like?

This event is produced in conjunction with Dynamics User Group (DUG) and its members.

When project methodology changes on your Business Central project, it’s critical to avoid distraction and focus on the goal.

Remember, you have limited resources. In addition, you have other projects. Not all tasks on the project are crucial. How do you deliver at least the "minimum" that your customer needs to do his business? And how do you achieve it in time and with high quality?

In this session we focus on the right way to approach key Business Central project tasks and challenges including:

  • Drawing up a proper project schedules
  • Scheduling management and task prioritization
  • Implementation of processes
  • Acceptance tests
  • Data conversion and migration
  • Cut-over plans

This session is designed for Business Central project team roles including project managers, solution architects, consultants, key user roles, and other project stakeholders.