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Enhanced Planning Pack for Business Central

Specialized ERP functionality is often needed for industries like manufacturing and distribution to address unique challenges. The Enhanced Planning Pack seeks to fill that gap by providing precise tools tailored to these sectors.

Tackling Distinct Industry Challenges
Manufacturing and distribution businesses grapple with specific challenges that general business platforms might not address adequately.
Tailored Forecasting

  • Problem: A toy manufacturer gearing up for the festive season needs to forecast the demand for new products, considering past sales data, market trends, and production timelines.
  • Solution: With the Enhanced Planning Pack's focused forecasting, businesses can get tailored insights for specific items or categories, ensuring they produce just the right amount, minimize waste, and maximize profits.

Data-Driven Decision Making with AI

  • Problem:  A food distributor supplying seasonal fruits and vegetables faces fluctuations in demand and supply due to changing seasons and farming conditions.
  • Solution:  Leveraging Cortana Machine Learning, the app provides precise, AI-driven insights, enabling the distributor to anticipate demand spikes and stock accordingly, reducing wastage and ensuring consistent supply.

Inventory Management Across Locations

  • Problem: A multinational electronics manufacturer has factories and warehouses in multiple locations. They must ensure optimal stock levels to avoid overproduction in one location and stock-outs in another.
  • Solution: The Enhanced Planning Pack offers real-time visibility across various sites, allowing for efficient inventory transfer and storage, ensuring that products are always available where they're most needed.

Streamlined Production Planning

  • Problem: A car parts manufacturer wants to determine the feasibility of ramping up production of a particular component due to increased demand from a major auto producer.
  • Solution: With tools for BOM (Bill of Materials) Analysis and Production Feasibility, the manufacturer can gauge material requirements, production timelines, and costs, making informed decisions swiftly.