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Dynamic Ship v2.8: Transforming Business Central with Advanced Shipping Features

The Dynamic Ship app from Insight Works seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, offering an unparalleled shipping solution designed for efficiency and scalability. Tailored for SMBs, the app simplifies the complexities of logistics with comprehensive carrier integration, real-time shipping rates, and robust package management capabilities. 

The latest release of Dynamic Ship v2.8 introduces enhanced features that empower businesses to further streamline their shipping operations and improve service delivery.

Why Choose Dynamic Ship?

The app will provide your logistics team with a powerful tool that combines efficiency and reliability, essential for environments demanding precision and high performance in shipping processes.

  • Seamless Dynamics 365 Integration: Fully embedded within Business Central, ensuring smooth operations and data consistency.
  • Automated Data Entry Solutions: Reduces manual data input, minimizing errors and saving valuable time.
  • Comprehensive Carrier Options: Supports hundreds of parcel, LTL, and FTL carriers, providing flexibility and cost-effective shipping solutions.
  • Advanced Tracking and Management: Offers real-time tracking and detailed package management, enhancing customer communication and satisfaction.
  • User-Friendly Interface with Scanning Support: Facilitates accurate and efficient shipping operations, ideal for high-volume environments.

Key Features of Dynamic Ship v2.8

  • Simplified Miscellaneous Shipment Entry: Streamline data entry for miscellaneous shipments with automatic population of customer options and default values, reducing the time and effort needed for each shipment.
  • Automatic Transfer Order Option Updates: Automatically update transfer order options when changes occur in the default setup, ensuring that your shipping operations adapt to new standards without delay.
  • Expanded Hazardous Material Handling: Access additional hazmat services from carriers with new hazmat options, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.
  • Quick Label Status Indicators: Easily identify the status of carrier labels on License Plates in the Quick Label view, simplifying packaging decisions.
  • Multi-Label Management: Manage the handling of multiple simultaneous carrier documents, such as customs information in label format, to improve your shipping flexibility.
  • Enhanced Logging Capabilities: Review carrier and integrator logs directly in Dynamic Ship to streamline configuration and improve troubleshooting.

With Dynamic Ship v2.8, Insight Works continues to lead in delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that optimize shipping operations and enhance the customer and user experience. 

For businesses seeking to elevate their shipping efficiency, Dynamic Ship v2.8 offers a robust platform designed to exceed expectations in operational effectiveness and customer service. Dive into the new standard in shipping solutions—welcome to Dynamic Ship v2.8. 

For more details, visit or contact your Microsoft Partner today.