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10 Dangers to Avoid in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training: Subject Matter Expert (SME) Training

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Danger: One of the dangers in Dynamics 365 training is not providing timely training when additional subject matter experts join the core team to perform testing. Your subject matter experts are expected to test various business scenarios in D365 to make sure your business needs are met and extensions developed function properly. If they don’t understand D365 or are not able to perform transactions in it, it will be a challenge for them to effectively test different scenarios covering various corner cases. 

How to avoid: Avoid this danger by gradually training subject matter experts before testing and provide them an environment where they can perform transactions at their own pace. They should have ability to review training materials and perform the same process within a D365 training instance before testing starts.

You can accomplish this by using online training and providing learners a dedicated D365 training instance with your company data and configuration. If online training is in small units, learners can complete each unit and be able to replicate the process within D365 without having to remember lots of steps. Doing this at their own pace should also help them build confidence.

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