User Group Summit Europe 2019 Preview: Priming CRM users for the Power Platform

February 6 2019

Editor's Note: MSDW is a media sponsor of User Group Summit Europe 2019 and will be providing preview coverage in addition to reporting from the event.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM users and partners from across Europe are set to arrive in Amsterdam in March for the User Group Summit Europe to dive into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product line and the capabilities of the Power Platform. Megan Walker, a UK-based functional specialist in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and CRM, is one of many presenters planning a session for the event and she spoke with MSDW about her participation.

Priming for the Power Platform

Megan V Walker Walker will be presenting the session "Using Power BI to create a visual overview for your clients," in which she will walk attendees through how to set up hex-tile grid maps and create useful, actionable Power BI reports for their organizations. It will extend on one of her previous presentations for D365UG/CRMUG, she explained:

The presentation I'm doing for User Group Summit is the next step on from a session that I did for the virtual summer camp for the D365UG/CRMUG about net promoter score last year. I'm taking it a step further in this session and utilizing PowerBI to visualize that.

According to Walker, many of those in attendance will likely be focusing on the Power Platform as well:

PowerApps, Power BI, Microsoft Flow: It's all relatively new to a lot of people especially those that are currently using older versions of CRM. For anyone planning to move to Dynamics 365, when they see how exciting that is and how much they can do with it, I think that's going to be a  game changer for them…[a presenter could] build a PowerApp right in front of your eyes. [They will think] 'Wow, I can create an app to make life easier for users and to make things much more efficient for them.'

Conference themes and experiences

Beyond the Power Platform, Walker said she is excited for the numerous tracks at the event. Attendees can choose to focus on a single path or spread a wide net and learning about many different Microsoft Business Applications offerings.

I think for me I'm excited to learn more about Azure. It's an area I don't know [well], and there are so many things I'm interested in learning about. In terms of session attendee, it's dependent on the individual attendees and what they're passionate about. Also, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are two exciting topics. No doubt we will see some exciting presentations including HoloLens devices to demonstrate the power of that.

This will be her first User Group Summit event, so there are other reasons to look forward to attending:

This will be the first time I've ever attended so I'm really excited about that and catching up with friends. Additionally, I'm excited to meet new people I've admired and looked up to for a while. For some, I'm subscribed to their blog or YouTube channel, or maybe they're an MVP. I know quite a few of my fellow work colleagues are presenting [from PowerObjects], which means I have quite a few reasons to be looking forward to the event.

She encourages attendees not to just absorb information from sessions, but also to embrace the event as a networking opportunity, to learn by different channels.

If you don't reach out and mingle, meet, and socialize, then there's a whole wealth of additional learning you’re missing out on. I can come across as very social, but when you put yourself in a situation with hundreds or thousands of people at an event, it can be a little daunting. Don't stand against the wall and not mingle but instead put yourself out there and strike up a conversation. There are so many amazing opportunities to network at this event.

Even more content plans

After achieving her own personal goal of one blog post a week in 2018, Walker is planning to expand her efforts this year and add a video a week, helping to inspire her wide-ranging interests at the event:

To be honest, the blog I write is quite varied in terms of the things I'm interested in. I write primarily for myself…As a non-developer I put things in a perspective that hopefully others can understand. I might go to another blog where it's assumed you know CSS or JavaScript and forgets to explain some of the basics. I try to break it down so it's very step-by-step and hopefully people can read it and see that it solves a real-world business issue. So what if it's cool but it doesn't solve a problem? I try to share what I've learned through my own trial and error and offer value to others if I can!

And just as achieving her blogging goals in 2018 will only lead to more content creation, Walker's User Group Summit session will hopefully lead to future presentations, she says. She already has one planned, in fact:

I've got another presentation at my local CRMUG Chapter meeting in Nottingham a week later about Microsoft Portals and using Liquid to further personalize portals by calling info from related records to display within the portal.

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