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The Story of the CRM Field Guide

by Donna Edwards
Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Specialist,

On a dark winter's night, when the sky hung low like a great gray sheet across the land, the Clan of CRM MVP huddled in a cave around the blazing fire to once again hear the story of how the CRM Field Guide came to be.  As was the annual tradition, the Clan's designated story teller began the tale from the beginning. 

In a time long ago, there was a great realm named Microsoft.   Within Microsoft were many tribes and within each tribe many clans.  The CRM MVP clan began with just a few people from several tribes who shared the common interest of helping all Clans and Tribes understand Microsoft's Dynamics CRM tool.  As it is today, this tool's power brought great riches to those who could control it skillfully. 

The learned in the CRM MVP clan desired to spread their wisdom and knowledge throughout the realm as they knew the knowledge they had to impart would help release the true power of the tool.  They heard and shared many stories of people's struggle with CRM.  They knew that people struggled to master the many facets of the tool including: Server and Client Installation, Systems Integration, Sales Automation, Processes, Solution Management, Development Strategies, Data Management, Reports Development, SharePoint, User Adoption and the many others. 

They devised and initiated many plans to share their CRM knowledge with others in the Realm.  Some plans met with success and others failed yet the desire to impart wisdom continued to burn strong.  This need to share information burned fiercely within one member.  This member was newer to the Clan than the others but the vision she had was strong and she knew it was her destiny to help the clan spread their knowledge across the Realm.  ...

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About Donna Edwards

Donna has been working in the Information Technology field for more than 15 years. She has a diverse IT background to include Software Release Management, Ecommerce Web Design & Management, Enterprise Software Project Management, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. She has been working with the Dynamics CRM application since 2004. She is currently a Microsoft Certified Professional and has been annually given the Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP award since 2009.

Donna is a published author, speaker and engages in several social platforms where she interacts with the community to evangelize, educate and provide solutions for real world challenges. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix with a specialty in Web Management where she completed her degree with honors. She currently works for TCC Software Solutions as a Dynamics CRM Principal Consultant. TCC Software Solutions is a leader in mobile technology products providing tablet-based applications for the past seven years and custom software development for the past sixteen.

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