Podcast Review: A tinkerer's perspective on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Flow, Bots, and more

January 24 2019

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Global Black Belt Murray Fife joined the MSDW Podcast recently to talk about Azure Logic Apps, Microsoft Flow, new integrations and AI capabilities.

Emerging Microsoft tech

As the name of his blog, "A Tinkerer's Notebook," suggests Fife enjoys working with new technology and is often ahead of many business users in terms of the scenarios and solutions he designs. For example, he continues to marvel at the types of automation scenarios he can pull together – at least in proof-of-concept situations.

Things like Flow [and Azure Logic Apps], it's like pure gold. What we can do with the automation tools they provide, from an integration standpoint includes something like 230 different connectors. We can build things with no-code, really quickly, and it's a strong integration. I know bots are something people talk about quite a bit. Maybe people tune them out, because all they think of is something that pops up on the Dell website.

From an automation standpoint, bots don't always necessarily have to have a conversation with you. They can always be going out and analyze, looking for things and making suggestions. Bots can even initiate proactive conversations [with potential customers].

Recently, Fife gave a bot an Active Directory alias to connect to Dynamics 365 apps. The bot can have a schedule, pull information, and be more autonomous.

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