Flows from the field: Delay Until component; CDS connectors; Parallel branches; FetchXML; Social media monitoring

October 29 2019

Dynamics 365 professionals put Flow to work, using the Delay Until component, leveraging CDS connectors, arranging parallel branches and more.

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Using the Delay Until component

Recent updates mean that Flow and Dynamics 365 pair more closely than ever before, allowing new opportunities for custom development and interoperability. An author writing on the Inogic blog discussed the Delay Until Flow option and how it interacts with different D365 date and time behavior. The author imagined a situation with a next revised date for a quote and a need to inform users to create a new quote when the date is elapsed. Working with the three next revised dates, Inogic created two users in different time zones, adding the second user as an owner of the flow.

The admin doing the setup needs to edit the flow and create a connection to the Common Data Service. If set up correctly, Flow will determine the next date accurately based on the time zone of the user.

Working with CDS connectors

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