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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Realizes the CRM Anywhere Vision

by Nancy Kuppich
Senior Manager, Customer Effective,
November 12 2013

Do you remember working in the late 1990's?  I sure do.  I was living in California and working for a dotcom darling during the tech boom of Silicon Valley.  Going mobile meant having a heavy laptop with a short battery life, an Ethernet dongle with a ten foot, blue  cable, and a flip-style "World Phone" that could send SMS messages and get online to check your e-mail.

Becoming Mobile

We were high-speed and it was fun! I could travel, work offline on an airplane then sync when I was back on the ground using the dial-up port on a payphone, hotel room  or at the office.

But basically we were tethered to wired access to communicate, meaning if you needed to work on data real-time on a server or input financial data into your customized Lotus Notes-based CRM sales forecast, you were chained to that long, blue cable until the work was done.

Fast forward to 2013, and easy access to the internet and affordable devices enables workers to determine when, where and how they work.  Ready access to the internet enables 24-by-7 customer service and has increased customer demands for better, faster and easier access to data online.  Even the government is getting into the act -  the FAA announced recently that "airlines can safely expand passenger use of Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) during all phases of flight".

Blurred Lines

We are now living with "Always On" technology and impacting all facets of our lives. It seems like everyone has access to the internet using smart phones, tablets and laptops that ...

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About Nancy Kuppich

Nancy Kuppich is the Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Customer Effective, the 4-time Microsoft CRM East Region Partner of the Year.  Her primary focus is ensuring Customer Effective's intellectual assets and product demonstrations are ready for the enterprise market and can be used and extended for the benefit of our customers.  Prior to joining Customer Effective, Nancy spent time with the Commonwealth of Virginia's Microsoft Dynamics CRM Shared Services and Microsoft Dynamics EPG and Public Sector teams. Nancy is an active CRM blogger and is a Certified Public Accountant.


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By 2020, more than 60% companies will get users the facility to bring their own device (BYOD). A recent Cisco study showed that 60% of employees polled believe that they don’t need to be in the office in order to be productive. Today's connected customers expect fast, tailored responses to inquiries. Equipped with on the go mobile CRM, sales teams can respond to client emails and schedule calls without missing a beat.

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Hi all, I was configuring E-mail router in crm 2013, but got below mentioned error message, if any of you have any solution regarding this or step by step configuration please help me. Error messages In start i was getting this error message 1). Appointments, contacts and tasks can't be synchronized for mailbox Ashu. Set the synchronization method for "Appointments, Contacts, and Tasks" to "Server-Side Synchronization" in the mailbox record and try again. After make changes suggested in error 1 i got new error message which is below 2).Your mailbox Ashu has been disabled for receiving email. Make sure that the credentials specified in your mailbox record are correct and have sufficient permissions for receiving email. Then, enable the mailbox for email processing. Regards; Ashutosh

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Cloud storage has changed everything. Companies have sprouted building high end storage for people who just wanna have a storage space in the net. But I do like the idea having a physical unit. I acquired a small storage system ( found here ) and still learning the whole configuration. Im sure it's much worth it having your own machine and doing own preference.

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