From the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Blogs: Number sequences; Navigation modules; Logs; Payment remittance

July 9 2022

In this Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations blog roundup:

  • AX – D365FO – number sequences explained
  • How to grant access to navigation modules in D365FO
  • Logs in Dynamics 365: not anymore!
  • How to add sender email address for payment remittance (advice) in D365FO

AX – D365FO – number sequences explained

Writing on his blog, Marco Saad noted that number sequences in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations are used to systematically and automatically generate and manage the unique identifiers for different types of records throughout the system.

He pointed out that a large number of types of records require a number sequence before the record can be successfully created. Examples include vendors, sales orders, purchase orders, etc.

In his blog post, Saad walked readers through the basics of number sequences. He included information about the number sequence form, how number sequences actually worked, how to create a new number sequence from scratch, and how to run the number sequence wizard.

How to grant access to navigation modules in D365FO

On Alex Meyer's Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Blog, Meyers wrote that he was recently asked the following question: Is there an easy way to grant access to different modules in the navigation within D365FO?

So he decided to write a blog post to show how this can be done as well as provide some resources to hopefully help out.

Meyers first explained how navigation access was decided. He noted that the navigation objects a user sees in D365FO is directly related to the menu items the user is assigned because the entries in the navigation are menu items (displays, outputs, and actions).  He then explained to validate this information.

He also pointed out that Microsoft decides how the navigation is arranged based on a user’s access and the end user can't change it. However, he noted that this can sometimes become an issue and he offers four different examples to see how granting access can change the navigation significantly.

Logs in Dynamics 365: not anymore!

Writing on his blog, Adrià Ariste Santacreu talked about logs in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, but not the built-in database logs that have been around since the old Axapta days.

Rather, Santacreu noted that he was talking about plain logs, i.e., a table and a form to see how/why data is changing or logging external calls to OData or custom web services endpoints in the ERP.

Santacreu pointed out that this is something almost every developer has had to do at one time or another.

The customer wants to record CRUD events, you suggest enabling the DB log, but the customer wants a new form to see the data. Or maybe you’re monitoring all the calls to your custom web services.

However, he noted that it was time to stop doing this or at least to change the way we do it. In his blog post, Santacreu explained the reason for this.

How to add sender email address for payment remittance (advice) in D365FO

Writing on the D365FO Technical blogs, Vijay Yelmame noted that there was no standard option to configure sender email address for payment advice report or any other report that's printing through print management, except if the user configures it by electronic reporting.

In his blog post, he described a customization that would make this possible.

If you look into the standard class (SrsReportRunMailer) there is method buildFromEmailAddress(). This method is picking email address of current user ID and using as from email address, this we want to change to the custom parameter, i.e.,

He then offered step-by-step directions to complete this customization.

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